What Factory is My Cabbie From?

There are a few ways to tell which Coleco factory your Cabbie is from. The easiest is to look at the tag. There is a side tag that has a letter, sometimes with a circle around it. Depending on the letter, is what factory he is from. See photos below:

(Photos are taken from my own patch)
IMG_6846The photo on the left shows a label that is marked as the “P” factory. Some “Transitional” cabbies have a Coleco head and a Hasbro body. The transitional period is when Hasbro took over after Coleco filed bankruptcy. The photo on the right is of a Hasbro tag that was on a Transitional.


Thanks to Carri, cpkobsession, and Open Cabbage, here is some information on the Coleco factories:
p tagP (Perfectka) Factory- one of the two that produced TWINS, and also the last Coleco factory to produce cabbies during the transitional times. Unfortunately, a lot of these kids had a vinyl formulation problem, that caused brown dots, when exposed to a moist area, to form on the face. Us collector's called them POX. Some Tri-Ang Pedigree cabbies have the P tag, but will say “Tri-Ang Pedigree” on it.



oktagjesmar ptits OK (Kader) Factory- Known well for there beautiful, long popcorn haired girls, nicely stuffed bodies, and even color. Some Jesmars from Spain were made from this factory, also. So if it says “Made in Spain”, you have yourself a Jesmar.




UT Factory- There was not too many kids that came from this factory. There are four known UT factories: UT, UT1, UT2, and UT3.

image1IC Factory- IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC7 & IC8. A lot of the cowgirl/boy are from here and freckled #1 kids. The downfall about this factory is that the vinyl tends to have a greenish tint.




PMI- The only factory that produced the Lemon single braid girl. Sadly, most of these kids ended up with POX and the vinyl gets sticky in some cases. 

kt tag KT (Kamtoy)- These kids tend to be short, and stocky bodied. Some developed a grayish face, that tends to make them look sick....again, a possible problem in the vinyl.



IMG_6839SS- makers of the "babies" and some of the later "preemies". Earlier kids from this factory, more than likely got POX, but this problem was fixed later down the line, after 1986.



wstag WS- Some outfits have this tag, they also produced Bean Butt Babies. The BBB’s that I have from this factory have a beautiful complexion.



CC- This company made Circus Ponys, and Show Ponys.

SY- This company also produced Show Ponys.. Some Koosas can be found with this tag also.

CANADA LTEE- This factory produced boxed clothing and doll accessories.

Foreign Factories:

J – April 19th, 1984, Jesmar, a Spain-based doll company, began production of their Cabbage patch kids, under the contract of Coleco.
There are many variations of Jesmar Tags:
IMG_9576 copyjesmar tag2 image1(1)

Jesmar seems to have been the largest producer of the foreign kids. These kids were distributed throughout Europe, in boxes, much like Coleco's, only the languages on the boxes match the Countries to which they were sent:

Kuschel Kinder (Cuddly Kids)- Germany (distributed by company called Arxon)

Les Patoufs (The Kids)- France, distributed by Ideal

I Bamboli del Campo Incantato (
Field of Enchanted Dolls)- Italy

Ideal- English company that distributed to England market

KalUngarnt (Cabbage Kids)- Sweden

These ‘kids have a nice complexion and the freckles are hand-painted rather than stamped like the Colecos. They are also 1 to 2 inches longer than Colecos.

P'tits Bouts de Choux (Little Tiny Tots) - Canada - are Cabbage Patch Kids made for the Canadian Mass Market. Coleco and Jesmars sold in Canada. 1985 Specialty Kids were also available, such as:
Young Austronauts- came with a Canadian flag(instead of the US flag)
Circus Kids and ponies
World Travelers- Paper passports say Canada(not USA)

  • Kaalitarhan Tenavat  - (Cabbage Nursery Peanuts) - Finland
  • Kålhoved børnene (Cabbage Children) - Denmark

TP – Tri-Ang Pedigree, made in South Africa. These ‘kids have cloudy, hazed eyes, like there’s a film over them.
Also uses the P factory tag.

Lili Ledy – from Mexico. These were illegal to bring to the US.

 Tsukuda – from Japan. These are the most sought-after, but very expensive. They have gorgeous complexions and are very well-made.

When Hasbro took over production, some of the tags are Coleco, and some are Hasbro. Here are some trannies:




If your cabbie does not have a side tag, you might be able to tell from looking at the back of the head. If it is from a foreign factory, it will say “Made in Spain” or some other country other than China.

“Manufactured By Jesmar. Made in Spain”
If the back of the head simply says “Made in China”, then you can find the factory letter on the inside of the head. You will have to take the head off to do this. You can buy zip-ties almost anywhere to replace the head.
Cut the zip tie, and pop out the plug.

If the plug doesn’t come out easily, you can soak the head in hot water to soften the vinyl. This should only take a few minutes.

Use a butterknife to pull out the plug.

“IC 3 1”  (Sorry, I lost the photo)

Not sure what the numbers are for, but this is from the IC factory.