Lil Winter Custom Reroot Toddler CPK

Lil WinterI went ahead and rerooted another cabbie before the end of the year. Her name is Lil Winter, born on the first day of Winter, December 21, 2012. She is as sweet as can be with her two little white and blue pony tails, with accented twists, tied in snowflake ribbon; handmade snowman-print Jumpsuit with pom-poms on the feet, zipper closure in the back, and embroidered bib; and her cute little embroidered snowman toy.

She’s a toddler, measuring approximately 13”. Her eyes are hand-painted a beautiful blue, and sealed to protect the paint.

She is also scented with Frosted Cookie, and comes with her own custom hang tag and picture birth certificate.

She is now on ebay.

Lil Winter SideLil Winter StandingLil Winter FrontLil Winter BackLil Winter Face
Lil Winter SnowmanLil Winter FeetLil Winter Bib

Here is a picture of Lil Winter next to December Frost, to get an idea of the size difference of the toddlers verses the full-size ‘kids.
december and lil