Coleco Clothing

I am beginning a page on clothing because there are a lot of questions about authenticity. Many auctions on ebay that list boxed ‘kids with handmade clothing are selling as “never removed from the box”, which indicates that the clothes are original CPK clothes. Many CPK collectors like to collect the different types of CPK clothing and it’s very important to them that they are all original. If many people make clothing and sell them as original CPK, even by taking a tag off of CPK clothes and sewing them onto their handmade clothes, it devalues the original clothing and adds a lot of confusion. Also by doing this, it is copyright infringement.

The overalls on the left are handmade. The romper and shirt on the right are authentic cpk.

Many outfits had tags inside, but some foreign factories, such as Jesmar, didn’t. Read more about clothing tags.

In 1983 Coleco ‘Kids had many different types of clothing introduced. (As I complete each type with pictures and information, I will link them here.)
  1. Bib Dress with Bloomers
  2. Shoulder Tie Dresses with Bloomers
  3. Square Yoke Dresses with Bloomers (yoke is pleated nylon)
  4. Lace Ruffle Yoke Dresses with Bloomers
  5. Sailor or A-Line Dress with Bow and Tights
  6. Knit Duck Dress with Knit Bloomers
  7. Pinafore Dress with contrast sleeves and Bloomers
  8. Puffed Heart Applique Dress with Tights
  9. Ruffled Strap Overalls with Blouse
  10. Sweater and Romper with Booties
  11. Kitten Applique Jogging Suit with Headband
  12. Corduroy Jacket and Pants with T-shirt and Knit Hat
  13. Romper with applique and T-shirt
  14. Denim Romper with shirt and red cap
  15. #31 Sweatsuit
  16. Nylon Windbreaker with Shirt and Jeans
  17. Jogging Suit with striped sleeves and leg trim
  18. Sailor Romper
  19. Terrycloth Sleepers
  20. Engineer Overalls (packaged separately)
In 1985 some new clothing styles were introduced:
  1. Self-Portrait Dress with Tights
  2. Country Dress
  3. Shoulder Tie Dress with White Apron
  4. Sunsuit Romper with white felt Hat
  5. Teddy Bear Overalls with T-Shirt
  6. Boys Button Rompers
  7. Girls Jogging Sweats
  8. Boys Jogging Sweats
  9. Girls Snowsuit with Knit Scarf and Hat
  10. Knit Sets (packaged separately)
  11. Fancy Footed PJs
  12. Animal Sleepers
  13. Specialty Sports Outfits (some packaged separately)
In 1986, these outfits were introduced:
  1. Sailboat Dresses with Bloomers
  2. Tri-Heart Fishnet Dress with Legwarmers
  3. Raglan Logo Dress
  4. Girls Aerobic Outfits with Leggings and Headband
In 1987, these outfits were introduced:
  1. Velour Overalls
  2. Windbreaker with Pants and T-Shirt

Information obtained here may not be complete and is for reference only. For more information, here are some helpful sources: