Say Hello to My Cabbies!

I've been doing a lot of research and have found that each cabbie is made from a specific factory, some more rare than others.

Here's some helpful links that I've discovered:

For rerooting:

So here's my collection that I've kept (the others--not pictured--are project kids)

Starting left to right:

1. my cowgirl doll that came with a pony--she was won off ebay and in near mint condition. IC6 Factory, HM8

2. the next one is actually my son's doll that I got from a thrift store for $3. He needed a lot of cleaning, but Tide did the trick. His right eye was smudged a little bit, so I filled it in with a marker until I can get the courage to use paint. P Factory, HM 3

3. "girl" (she was a boy until my daughter got a hold of her and put the dress on) I won from ebay and just fell in love with--I love baldies! SS factory, HM 3

4. And also the boy that I fell in love with because of his cute little patch of hair. P factory, HM 3

5. And last is my Jessica that I bought when I was 10. Hasbro First Editions Posable, HM K14

The boy outfits are actually preemie baby outfits that I got on clearance from Walmart. Once I washed them in hot water, they fit really well, and are very cute!


My newest additions are Alfred (left) and Theodore (right). I need to make them some shoes because they have really big feet, so I don't have any cpk shoes that fit them well. I recently discovered that Alfred is a unique cpk that can hold things with his right hand. Since he has teeth, he probably came originally in the box holding a toothbrush.

Here's my son with his cabbie. He has recently taken a liking to Alfred, though, as you can see below:


I recently entered a photo in a cpk photo contest about flowers. Here's the photo I entered: