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Airtex Premium Fiberfill is now in stock!

 Many have been asking, and now it's finally in stock again.  The manufacturer was out of stock for a while.  Available on Etsy and Ebay.

12 oz. Premium Fiberfill. As the name implies, Airtex Premium Fiberfill consists of 100% pure, high quality polyester fiber garnetted to give it long-lasting resilience and loft. This product is non-allergenic, hand washable and extra resilient. It will meet all your stuffing needs. Perfect for doll making, pillows, teddy bears or all of your favorite projects.

This is NOT the same Airtex fiberfill sold in discount fabric stores. This is Airtex PREMIUM, the one and only kind recommended by doll maker Barbara Graff of Kit and Kin Designs.

Babyland General Hospital uses this, or similar, to make their Cabbage Patch Kids. It is very soft and easy to stuff. Makes dolls more smooth, not lumpy like other stuffing may do.

One 12-oz package makes one 16" doll similar to Cabbage Patch Kids.

*Note: Airtex no longer carries the prefilled 12oz. bags, so you will be getting a ziplock bag with 12oz. Stuffing. I have a post office accurate scale that I will be using, so rest assured you will be getting 12oz. Also, because the package is under 16oz., it is recommended to ship first class rather than Priority.