She has a smoke smell!!!!!!

Diana: I got this little darling off evilbay. I've been so excited for her to finally arrive.  She came today and before I even opened the box, I could tell it smelled like smoke.  I hoped it was just the box, but when I smelled her, she reaks!
What do I do?  Should I wash her or would that make it worse?  Should I put her in a bag of charcoal first?  I've never tried the charcoal thing, so I'm not sure what kind I need to buy or anything.  Other than the smell, she's minty.
Bobby: If she's mint and doesn't need to be washed otherwise...I'd do the charcoal. Go to a pet store where they sell fish supplies and ask for activated charcoal. :)
Diana: Thank you, Bobby!!! I will try it. Going to the store right now . . .
Okay, so she's been in a bag with some activated carbon (charcoal) in a little container for about 18 hours now and I can't really tell a difference yet.  In the meantime, the seller has offered to give me a full refund if I return her.  I'm debating on whether to keep her and try to get the smoke smell out, or send her back and be out the shipping it costs to ship her.  I emailed the seller to ask if she will do a partial refund or reimburse me the money to ship it back to her.  If I decide to keep her and I still can't get the smoke smell out, how much will I be able to resell her for?  I can't see many people paying for a smokey girl.  I paid $37 including shipping for her.
. . . Good news! Seller refunded me the money, a full refund and just said to, um, (gulp) throw the doll away. The horror!    Hopefully I can get the smoke out. (Crossing my fingers and toes).
. . . I have a super-sense of smell, so even when others don't smell it, I do. My husband calls me "Super Nose".  I am happy to say that after many washes with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and using the charcoal method, her smell is barely noticeable.  Oddly enough, the baking soda is what helped the most.  I had run out of hydrogen peroxide after her second wash, so I dumped about a cup of baking soda in the sink with her and her clothes and it is what finally did it.  Her shoes still smell, though, so I covered them in baking soda and am letting them sit for a while.