Rainbow Brite Cabbage Patch Kid Custom Reroot & Outfit

Rainbow Brite Cabbage Patch KidI was commissioned to create this cute little Rainbow Brite Cabbage Patch Kid. I didn't realize how much work this little gal would be. I had to re-draft the entire outfit pattern to fit her because the pattern that I had was for a lot thinner doll. The boots were the most difficult to draft. I also used my own embroidery rather than purchasing appliques from the store. That took a lot of time because it had to be the right size, in the right place, with the right stabilizer, etc. I spent approximately 78 hours on her from start to finish, within a month’s time. If I were to do it again, it would probably take about 12-24 hours since I now have all the patterns, and know which embroidery designs and stabilizer to use.

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern for her, you can purchase it on ebay. I drafted the pattern to fit a vintage Cabbage Patch Kid. If you have an embroidery machine, I will also include the design files of the stars, hearts, and rainbow, with the pattern, but you’ll have to let me know when you make your purchase so I know to include them.

The pattern costs $15 and is for the boots, panties (bloomers), jumper, and blouse.

If you'd like to purchase the iron-on appliques for the stars, hearts, and rainbow, you can also purchase them on ebay for $10. Includes 3 hearts, 6 stars, and 1 rainbow.

This is what she looked like before:
Cabbage Patch Reroot Before
I painted her eyes and a star on her cheek:
Cabbage Patch Recolor Eyes
I used three different patterns for her outfit. I had to change each of them to fit her. I embroidered the two stars on her sleeve cuffs directly on the sleeves, the rainbow and star on the front directly on her jumper, and the three hearts and three stars that are on her blouse, hair ribbon, and shoes are appliques I made. Each embroidery design takes about a half hour to sew, but the preparing part takes several hours.
Rainbow Brite Cabbage Patch KidRainbow Brite Cabbage Patch Kid

I embroidered the star as an applique.Rainbow Brite Star Applique

She even has panties—the easiest part of her entire outfit!
Rainbow Brite Cabbage Patch Kid
Rainbow Brite Cabbage Patch Kid Boots