Dolls from Estate Sale

I recently ran across a listing on craigslist with 98 CPKs from an estate sale. This is what the ad was:
cpk scam

I first replied to the ad, and received these photos:
phone2 397phone2 408
The person that placed the ad did not even have these. She had her cousin (I’m assuming) contact me. His aunt had passed away about 18 months ago, and her husband passed away about the same time. After finding this out, I thought it was strange that the ad said that “my wife” passed away.
IMG_4625 I asked how much he wanted for all of them. He said $500. I went with my dad (for security purposes, since you don’t know people on craigslist) and we picked them all up. When I was placing them in the bags, I noticed that there were a lot of them that were in horrible condition and stank. But, there were also some that were in perfect condition.
I asked if he’d take $300 for all of them, since that’s about what they were worth. An older woman that was with him, which I’m assuming was his mother, who immediately said no without a single thought. I told her that a lot of them were not even worth $1. I normally find CPKs at Saver’s Thrift Store for $3-$4 in better condition than a lot of these. And my aunt had found 15 for me at a yard sale that she paid $1 each for. They were in near mint condition. The woman went in the house and I was able to talk the guy down to $450, plus he threw in a large tote for free which he previously was going to charge $10 for if I wanted to buy it.
When I got them all home, I laid them out to take photos of them.
My son claimed the horse on the left. My daughter claimed the horse on the right.
I had to take the heads off of a lot of them to really deep clean and scrub the bodies. Many of them will be reroots.
Soaking with Oxy Stain RemoverIn the wash machine they goIMG_4627
I divided them according to:
~Just need dusted off a little
~Need scrubbed a little
~Need soaked and scrubbed and head taken off
There were about 30 that were in really good condition that didn’t need much done other than dusted off, about 10 that just needed their clothes washed and body and face lightly washed. The rest needed cleaned up a lot. Out of the ones that needed cleaned up a lot, 20 of them are permanently stained and I could not get the stains out. I first tried Tide Stain Remover, then Oxy Stain Remover, then Goop from the auto section in Wal-Mart that is supposed to be for removing dirt and oil. After soaking them for at least a day with each before throwing them in the wash, they still didn’t come clean. In other words, they were in the wash machine three different times.


I have fallen in love with the #20’s, so the red-head is going to be a reroot. for me.

I’m keeping these:
IMG_4595IMG_4566IMG_4699 (Small)IMG_4715
                                                         (My daughter claimed this one)

And these have either already sold on ebay or are listed on ebay waiting to be sold (as well as the ones in boxes):
(I wish I had kept this one. She is sooooo cute!)
(I gave this one to my niece for her 1st Birthday. I love the outfit!)
IMG_4798 (Small)
(This one someone offered to buy before I had really gone through them and I said yes, but then after cleaning him up, I really wanted to keep him, but since I had already said yes, I didn’t feel right about changing my mind. Sad smile His absence will be greatly missed by all. ALL my kids loved him and wanted me to keep him. I have his twin, though, and I want to try to make an outfit like this for his twin.


I might reroot this one, just to make her look better.
She had ink on her face that I was able to get off with ZapZyt after about three days.

Out of the ones that have already sold, I have already made my money back with them. So the rest that sell will be pure profit for me, which was my initial goal for purchasing these. I think I’ve done pretty well, considering most collectors would have a difficult time parting with any of the ones that I have sold already. I have a total of 16 CPKs in my collection, which always fluctuates. Normally when I buy one, I sell another so that I don’t have so many that I have no room in my house. I have them neatly on three shelves on the wall. I am blessed with a husband who does not mind that I collect them and does not mind that they are in the bedroom.