December Frost Scented CPK

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Meet December Frost, born December 6, 2012. She is an adorable #15 headmold with blue eyes, red dated ‘86 signature, from the OK factory. Her cheeks and nose are rosy. She has white and blue pom-pom ponytails with blue snowflake ribbon. She has a handmade dress with snowman-print fabric, with two snowflake buttons down the front, trimmed with white faux fur, and red faux suede boots also trimmed with faux fur, white flannel bloomers, and faux fur muffs to keep her hands warm. She comes with her best friend Frosty, a handmade snowman with blue crocheted (by my daughter) hat and scarf, buttons for the eyes, orange felt for the nose, and red beads for the mouth. She also comes with her own custom hang tag and birth certificate. She is also scented with Frosted Cookie.
She is now on ebay .

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