Koosa Twins–Orange Creamsickle

IMG_6868editThese Koosa twins were a request from a customer that wanted me to do some Koosas--not anything particular, just some twins. I haven't heard from the customer for over two weeks, so I listed them on ebay.

I remade the bodies because the old bodies were so worn, they were deteriorating. I drafted the body pattern from one of the old bodies. I used a really soft velour stretch fabric, just like the original bodies, but because it’s new, it’s ultra soft. I also stuffed them with new polyfill.  I had a lot of fun making the bodies. It’s always neat to watch the little hands and feet form just by pulling some strings.

The outfits are also drafted from an original Koosa dress. The fabric is white with orange flowers with an orange ribbon in front and tie in back. Matching ribbon for the hair. I made them with Orange Creamsickle fragrance in mind, but if the customer would rather have Carrot Cake fragrance, I have that, too. IMG_6869editIMG_6871edit
I repainted the noses and sealed them. The original paint had been rubbed off.
One of the Koosas had ruffed up ears, so I took a nail filer to them to smooth them out a little. There is a spot on one of the Koosas, under the ear and on the cheek. They might come out with zit cream because there had been a blue streak on it that managed to disappear since I put the cream on it.