Irish Twins

I had so much fun with these two. They are Play Along Newborns, measuring about 10” tall, blue signature on the right cheek.
They are filled with beans in the arms, legs, and belly. I used a Play Along outfit to draft the pattern for the outfits, then I changed it a bit. The cute Irish hat fabric goes well with their cute little hats.  They have darling little double pony-tails with two colors of orange yarn.
Listed on ebay, the winning bidder will get to choose a name and birthday for them. They will come with a custom birth certificate with photo and custom hang tag. They will also be scented with Red Clover Tea fragrance, if the customer chooses.

They also come with handmade green felt diapers, drafted from the original Play Along diapers for Newborns.
The one with blue eyes has a few very light clear rubs/scratches on her face (see photo).
The one with green eyes has a few light stains on the back. I tried getting them out by soaking her in hot water and laundry detergent, but they didn’t come out (see photo.)
close up face 2close up facefront