Rare and Hard-to-Find Kids

I always wonder when I’m about to restore or reroot a ‘Kid, if it’s one that is considered rare or hard-to-find. Here is a list of “Rare and Hard-to-Find Kids” taken from the book Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids--the 1980s by Jan Lindenberger. (This book is amazing. I highly recommend it if you want to learn more about Cabbage Patch Kids.)

  • Boys with red fuzzy hair. Especially . . .
    • #2 with large eyes, and #3.
  • Boys with lemon, gold, or auburn fuzzy hair.
  • Boys with brown fuzzy hair and blue eyes.
  • Freckled Brown Fuzzy Caucasian Boy with Brown Eyes. All Caucasian boys with fuzzy hair had blue eyes, so any with brown eyes are considered a factory fluke.
    • brown fuzzy combo
  • Freckled Kids (#2 mold with small eyes). Especially . . .
    • African Americans (AA)
    • Caucasian boy with auburn loops and brown eyes or gold loops and green eyes
    • Caucasian girl with either brown poodle/2 ponies and grey eyes, or gold loops and green eyes
  • #3 with single red pony, and Double Red Ponies with #1 mold with blue eyes. (Could be a factory fluke.)
  • Girls with auburn single ponytails, especially #2 with freckles, and the #4.
  • AA Kids with #1 mold, #2 with big eyes, and #2 with freckles (rare), and #3 with small eyes.

  • 1984 green undated signature #4 preemie.
  • Couture Kids made only for the Canadian Market.
  • 1985 #5 girl with brown side pony and blue eyes, Boy with brown shag and blue eyes (only a few are known to exist)
  • grey-eyed girls, particularly #1 and #3 molds
  • UT tagged Kids, especially those with creamy skin tones and rosy red cheeks.
  • 1985 French Canadian Mounty boys—rare.
  • 1986 twins in animal sleepers
  • 1986 #6 popcorn girls, particularly the lemon single (the rarest, only four known to exist), and red or brown double.
  • 1986 Twin popcorn girls in fur coats.
  • 1986 #6 cornsilk kids are extremely HTF, particularly the one with platinum blonde single pony.
  • 1986 #14 AA girl with double brown popcorns.
  • 1987 #5 with auburn single top pony
  • 1987 AA Talking Kids.
  • 1988 Toddlers #4 mold, especially AA
Coleco/Hasbro 1989 Designer Line Kids (all of these Kids are highly sought-after)
  • #3 and #45 boy with lemon yarn and blue eyes
  • #3 girl with auburn crimped nylon hair and violet eyes
  • #4 girl with auburn nylon curly pony and blue eyes or blonde nylon curly pony and brown eyes
  • #4 boy with red nylon hair and green eyes
  • #4 boy with brown yarn and blue eyes
  • #19 girls with red thin crimped yarn or red nylon crimp hair without freckles
  • #45 girls with red thin crimp yarn without freckles
  • girls with punk rock hair
  • #4 girl with red nylon curly pony and brown eyes (may be one of a kind)
Coleco/Hasbro 1989 Poseables (all of these Kids are sought-after)
  • #11 and #12

Tri Ang Pedigree
  • #1 girl with tooth. (Only a few of these are known to exist.)
  • Girls or boys with “gaudy gold”, wheat, rust, taffy, or hair shades that other CPK manufactures did not use. Gaudy gold is the rarest.
  • Gold Fuzzy boys with or without freckles
  • #3 with single tooth. (Only a few are known to exist.)
  • Girls with red poodle hairstyle
  • #4 with lavender eyes and freckles
  • #4 red or lemon fuzzy boys with or without freckles
  • Red fuzzy boy with green eyes
Lili Ledy
  • all Lili Ledy CPKs, especially freckled ones and those in Mexican costumes.
  • Twins
  • girls with lemon or gold poodle hairstyle
  • red, lemon, tan or gold hair and brown eyes
  • brown hair and green eyes
  • in specialty outfits such as kimonos, samurai, happy coat, baseball, wedding dress and tuxedo (wedding set)

  • 1989 Friends—regular size CPK with a toddler. Exclusive to Walmart for only 3 months.
  • 1990 #18 red fuzzy with blue eyes
  • 1992 Toddler or Preschool Kids dressed in official Olympic logo T-shirts and warm-up suits. (These Kids were given to members of the U.S. Olympic Team as gifts for children in Barcelona, Spain, and were not intended for sale in the U.S.  A few of these Olympic mascot CPKs were given away at BabyLand and were found in East Coast flea markets.)
  • 1993 Teeny Tiny Twins. Asian and Hispanic sets are hardest to find.
  • 1994 14” Kids with nylon hair, particularly with the skin color that collectors called “Native American” (reddish brown), especially boys. NK1 and NK2 head molds with CPK bud logo on the back of the head. Very rare.

  • 1995 Happy Sounds Kids—Asian and Hispanic are the rarest, especially boys.
  • 1996 OlympiKids Gift set—packaged with four Olympic figurines.
  • 1996 Snacktime Kids, recalled in 1997. Freckles and Asian girls were HTF. Rarest Kids are the freckled boys.
  • 1996-1997 Hispanic boys with colored eyes other than brown.
  • 1996 Hispanic 14” boys with freckles.
  • 1996 “First Edition” CK1, CK2, CK3, CK8, HKD1, and HKP6 molds are rarest, especially boys.
  • 1997 Keepsake Collection boy with glass eyes (only one known to exist, could be a prototype—Mattel provided it for an auction at the O.A.A. Collectors Club Convention in April 1998.) Keepsake Girls with red or black cornsilk hair were HTF.
  • 1998 15th Anniversary Hispanic or AA girls with freckles.
  • 15th Anniversary Kid with birth certificates hand-signed by Xavier Roberts. Only 1500 available.