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February 29, 2020

Strawberry Shortcake Outfit Pattern for Cabbage Patch Kids

I'm at it again!  Years ago, I made a custom cabbage patch kid as Strawberry Shortcake.  I drafted a pattern for the outfit, and now I've decided to make it available to purchase.

I've made the pattern available to purchase on etsy as a pdf download and paper pattern, and also on ebay as a paper pattern.  It is also available on Bonanza.

Pattern to make dress, apron, hat, tights, bloomers, and shoes.

• 5/8 yard white fabric for apron and bloomers
• 1/2 yard red fabric for dress
• 1/2 yard strawberry fabric for hat
• 1/8 yard fabric for hat brim
• 1/8 yard tan fabric for shoes
• 1/3 yard green and white striped knit fabric for tights
• green felt for dress appliqu├ęs and strawberry leaf

• 1/4” elastic
• 1/8” elastic
• red embroidery floss
• 1/2” wide hook and loop Velcro
• 1/2” wide white ribbon, and red ribbon
• Small safety pin, needle, matching thread.

If doing the hair:
• skein red yarn
• long needle nose pliers
• skewers
• fabric or craft glue
• pin vise with needle tip of eye clipped off
• Paint brush