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#27 Pattern - Button Romper - Two sizes - 12" and 16" for Preemies, Lullabys, and full size Cabbage Patch Kids



Inspired by the 1980s Coleco Button Romper, in two sizes—16” and 12”.  Front is trimmed with piping.  6 buttons in front, for decoration.  Velcro on straps so it is easy to take on and off. Be sure to check out my blog for helpful tips: cpkdiana.blogspot.com

Available on Etsy as a paper pattern and digital pattern.  Available on Ebay and Bonanza as a paper pattern.

Materials Needed

·        1/4 Yard cotton fabric
·        piping
·        6 buttons, 3/4” (19mm) for the full size 16” ‘kid, ½” for the 14” preemies and 12” Lullabys
·        ½” wide Velcro
·        ¼” wide elastic

Helpful Tools

 (Optional but highly recommended)

·        9mm Flat Fell Foot

·        Double Welt/Piping Foot

·        Button Foot

·        Turning Tool

·        Loop Turner

·        Glue Stick

#26 Irish Pleated Jumper, Blouse, Hat Pattern for 16" Cabbage Patch Kids

 I found some really cute St. Patrick's Day fabric at Joann's and just had to make a cute little jumper out of it.  Since January is nearing the end, I'm all revved up for St. Patrick's Day.

This Irish Pleated Jumper is perfect for dressing up your Cabbie for St. Patrick’s Day! Pattern includes size for 16” Cabbage Patch Kids. Clothing has Velcro fasteners so it will be easy for small children to dress their doll. You can of course change it up by using snaps or buttons.  Pattern includes Jumper, Blouse, and Hat.

Available on Etsy as both a paper pattern and digital, Ebay and Bonanza as paper.  The outfit itself is available on Ebay.  Again, I've added a coupon code in one of the listings to see if people are reading my descriptions.

I also listed the Sweatheart Newborn Jumpers from last post on ebay here and here.