Poseable Boy Restore

I bought this cute little guy on ebay for $6.25 plus shipping. His description didn’t mention all the dirt on his body, and the photos only showed him with clothes on, so it was impossible to see how dirty he was.

Here he is upon his arrival:
He was happy to be out of his box. He was pretty crammed in it. Even though it was a pretty big box, he was crammed.


dirty body
Paint on leg, dirty torso, arms, and legs

dirty toes
Dirty toes

I was SO disappointed when I saw this. I was afraid it would be a stain and wouldn’t come out. I sprayed Oxyclean laundry stain remover on it and soaked it, and it came out.

back side
scratch on chin
Scratch on chin

dented head
Here is his dented forehead from being crammed in the box.
bath time
I sprayed his stains with Oxyclean stain remover and let it sit for 10 minutes, then soaked him in hot water and Oxyclean laundry detergent for a while (maybe half hour).

Much better! All the stains came out, except the paint and a few tiny black marks.

I scrubbed his face with Bar Keepers Friend to get the scratches off of him. His forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose were really bad. I managed to get most of the scratches out.

tag beforetag after
The oxy 10 completely took off the ink on the tag and deteriorated it.

This is an outfit I purchased separately just for him. It’s a factory fluke. The velcro is on the wrong side on one of the straps.

Isn’t he a cutie!? He’s wearing some loaner Weebok shoes until he gets his boots that I ordered from a fellow cabbie collector.

Here he is with Jessica. Don’t they look cute together? I haven’t thought of what to name him yet. Any ideas?