Strawberries and Cream Koosas Twins

Strawberries and Cream Twin Koosas

My latest creations, now on ebay, are twin Koosas Dogs named Strawberries and Cream. I had a lot of fun with these and they are so cute, I almost hate to sell them, but then it would defeat the purpose of buying so many dolls for reselling.

Strawberries has mainly dark pink pencil curls with a hint of light pink in a dark pink hair bow. Cream has mainly light pink pencil curls with a hint of dark pink in a white hair bow.

 They come complete with their own custom hang tags and birth certificates.

The front of the hang tag:
The back of the hang tag:
I drafted the dress pattern from an original Koosas dress to make it as close to an authentic CPK dress as I could. I even tagged the dresses with my own tag. Here’s the front (the flash put a glare on it):

Here’s the back:
The most difficult part of these twins were the collars. I used vinyl. First I was going to fold a strip of vinyl over and sew it, but it was too thick, so then I tried putting right sides together to sew it, then was going to flip it right side out, but that didn’t work. I finally decided to just use one thin strip. Then I used snap fasteners for the closure and since I had never done these kinds of snaps before, it was trial and error. I finally got the snaps on, but then I couldn’t get the metal pendant over the snaps because they were too wide. So I had to take off on of the snaps, put the metal pendant on the strip of vinyl, then put another snap on. The contraption I used to put the snaps on is not really made for these snaps, so it was tricky. (I actually used vintage Eyelet Pliers that I had purchased at a thrift store for under $3 that came with tons of eyelets and snaps.) The snaps are difficult to come undone.