Here are some terms sometimes used by collectors. Thanks to Open Cabbage for providing this information.
Appalachian Kids, the 2003 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Baby Dash
This was the name for the activity of choosing your Collectors Club Spring Event baby. It got it's name because OAA used to round conventioneers up in the center of a gymnasium and make them run for the Spring Event babies, which were lined up on opposite sides of the gym - 100 in each line. This became a dangerous sport and as of the 2005 SE, has become more tame. Also known as Great Baby Dash.
Bath Camp
A service OAA provides to fix your soft sculptured baby - whether it be to give them a new hairstyle, clean a new Kid properly, give them freckles oor fix a tiny hole. They have experts on staff to help restore your Kid to perfection.
Bean Butt Babies
Birth Certificate
Babyland Exclusive Collection - vinyl faced 'kids
BabyLand General Hospital, aka: home of the Cabbage Patch Kids. This is a real nursery displaying 300+ Kids in Cleveland, GA open to the general public. Licensed Patch nurses will help you with adoptions at Babyland.
Cabbage Patch Kids doll
Chattahoochee Kids, the 1998 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Clear rubs
Clear rubs (like light scratches) on the vinyl head
Chimney Mountain Kids, the 2004 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Coleco manufactured mass market CPK's between 1983 and 1989
Cabbage Patch Kids
Cooley Woods Kids, the 2009 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Floor Baby
This refers to a 'Kid you adopt from Babyland, while you are visiting Babyland - as these babies usually sit on the floor, waiting for a new mommy or daddy. 'Kids adopted online are not considered floor babies.
Godmommy Rights
This is a silly term that the CPK community came up with a few years ago where one collector flips over a fellow collector's Kid and claims "Godmommy rights", which basically means, "I love your Kid so much that if you ever part with her, I want first dibs". Many collectors have spreadsheets to keep track of their softie collection and add godmommies to each Kid so if/when the time comes to adopt them out, they know who to call on first before a general call for adoption takes place.
Good/Slightly Played With (Condition definition)
Clean, few flaws (fuzzy hair, popped stitches, clear rubs)
Hangout, The
Discussion board collectors used before Open Cabbage
Hasbro manufactured mass maret CPK's between 1989 and 1994
Helen/Helen Blue
The very first lines of CPK's from 1978
Head Mold. Mass market CPK's have different facial features. Each one has a HM number, which can be found on the base of their neck, behind their necks
"Hard To Find"
IC, IC1, IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC7, IC8
Coleco's "IC" Factories
Jesmar Factory
Coleco's "KT" Factory
Lili Ledy
Lili Ledy was the toy company contracted by Coleco to produce CPKs for the Mexican market
Little People
How CPK's were called prior to 1982
Mattel, Inc. manufactured mass market CPK's between 1995 and 2001
Mossy Creek Kids, the 2006 line of soft sculpture CPK's
MIB/MIP (Condition definition)
Kid or item is in mint condition, but may have been removed from box at one time. And show be in original condition. Also loose stitches, no scraps/scuffs/scratches/stains/or hair fuzzies!
Mint/Excellent (Condition definition)
Kid or item is in new loose stitches, no scraps/scuffs/scratches/stains/or hair fuzzies!
Mass Market, any CPK that was mass produced, most with vinyl faces
Nametag, Name tag
Each soft sculpture CPK comes originally with a tag that lists their birth name attached to their original outfit.
NBRFB/NRFB/NRFP (Condition definition)
Kid or item never removed for the box or package, box still factory sealed!
Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc., owner of the Cabbage Patch Kids brand.
Open Cabbage
Coleco's "OK" Factory
Coleco's "P" Factory
Play Along Toys, company owned by Jakks Pacific, manufactured and sold mass market CPK's between 2004 and 2010.
Coleco's "PMI" Factory
Pink Mountain Kids Edition, the 2012 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Spots or discoloring that sometimes occur on the vinyl heads of CPK's. They can be light dots or dark dots. See photos below:
Poxy (Condition definition)
ANY doll with ANY mark of unknown origin -- P factory or not
Project/TLC/Poor (Condition definition)
Dirty (or clean), needing significant work--seam repairs, stain removal, ink, badly fuzzed, matted, knotted or cut hair, runs in the body, ANY form of eye damage, etc. etc. etc.
Paradise Valley Kids Edition, the 2011 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Raven Cliff Kids, the 2007 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Reroot, rerooting
Replacing hair on a CPK
See "Clear rubs"
Shoal Creek Kids, the 2002 line of soft sculpture CPK's
See "Spring Event"
A sidekick is an unofficial term for Babyland General Hospital's Spring Event edition, which follows the same theme as Spring Event, however these babies are available to the general public to adopt. This edition usually is of 200 babies and are smaller than the regular 22" edition.
Sky Lake Kids Edition, the 2010 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Soft Sculptured/Original Cabbage Patch Kid
Spring Event
This is an annual one day celebration the first week of May for Cabbage Patch collectors. OAA hosts a special day for their collectors club members where they offer a first class edition of between 200 - 225 Kids for these collectors to adopt. These Kids usually have hairstyles not found on the regular edition. That evening, there is a dinner for all collectors where they toast to the longstanding conventioners, welcome new attendees and have fun!
Coleco's "SS" Factory
See "Timed Adoption"
Timed Adoption
Babyland used to have a payment plan for collectors called Time Adoption where they could pay $57 up front and then pay the balance within 90 days. This made things more affordable for those who don't have big bank accounts, but some people abused this system and put several Kids on Time Adoption not thinking about the balance they needed to pay within the 90 days and ended up cancelling their orders. OAA decided to scrap the payment plan system a few years ago and one now has to pay in full when ordering. This service was also known as "TA" for short.
Truett Kids, the 2008 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Tray Mountain Kids, the 2005 line of soft sculpture CPK's
Tri-ang Pedigree Factory
Tranny, Trannies, Transitional
Kids produced during the transition from Coleco to Hasbro
Tri-Ang/Tri-Ang Pedigree
Tri-Ang Pedigree is the South African Company that Coleco contracted to produce Cabbage Patch 'Kids for the African market from 1984 to 1985
TRU / Toys R Us
Toys R Us manufactured mass market CPK's between 2001 and 2004
Tsukuda Original Co. (now owned by Bandai Co.) has manufactured mass market CPK's to the Japanese Market since 1983
Coleco's "UT" Factory
Very Good (Condition definition)
Clean, only minor flaws (slight fuzzies in the hair, a few clear rubs)
Coleco's "WS" Factory
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