Price Guide

A lot of people ask me how to find out what their doll is worth. The best way is to look on eBay. You can get an idea of what is selling and how much it's selling for. Yet sometimes eBay can surprise you. I've seen some dolls that would normally go for $20 sell for $5, and I've seen some that normally sell for $5 go for $20. It all depends on what is listed and who is (or how many people are) looking for that particular item. The market is always changing. If I wrote this page five years ago, the prices would be double. Perhaps in 5 years or whenever the economy picks up again, they will be worth more again.

Keep in mind, this is a guide only that I have seen prices on eBay. Prices fluctuate.

Regular vintage CPK in excellent condition.
I paid $3.66 for him (including shipping)
because I purchased him along with several
others on ebay for a low price
from the same seller.
For the most part, normal, regular Coleco (vintage) dolls are not worth much. However, if they are rare or have a rare outfit on, then they are worth more. Usually regular (not rare) dolls are worth around $15-$30 mint condition. And by mint, I mean that they are in absolutely perfect condition, not a stain, not a speck of dirt, no smells, no loose stitches, no scraps/scuffs/scratches/stains/or hair [or skin] fuzzys, and no clear rubs, just as though they came right out of the box (or are still in the box). If they have their box and/or paperwork (birth certificate) with them, they are worth more than if they don't (about $5-$10 more)

If they are TLC (dirty, needing significant work--seam repairs, stain removal, ink, badly fuzzed, matted, knotted or cut hair, runs in the body, ANY form of eye damage, etc.), or if they have pox (white or dark spots on their head caused by mold), they are not worth much. I've seen eBay auctions with 15-30 tlc 'Kids in one lot go for around $5. People don't want to spend money on dolls that they have to restore. And a lot of people don't want to, or they don't have time to restore, so they wouldn't buy it for any amount. Restoring takes a lot of work and sometimes costs a lot of money. If you have any question whether yours is TLC or not, just look at my restore photos to get an idea.

Yardsale prices are around $5-$15 in my area (for good, decent dolls--less if they are TLC). Thrift store prices are $4-$30. However, your area may have a better economy, thus increasing the prices.

Dolls from Foreign Factories such as Jesmar (From Spain or Italy), Lily Ledy (from Mexico), and Tsukuda (from Japan) are worth more, in that order (Japan being more). The tag on the side will say what factory they are from. Usually these dolls range from $15-$100 in excellent-mint condition, although I have seen some sell for around $300. A TLC doll from these factories would probably be worth around $10-$30. Preemies from these countries are worth more because they are extremely rare.

Transitional dolls are worth a little more, also. When Hasbro took over production, some of the tags were Coleco, and some were Hasbro. They have the same Coleco headmolds, but the cheeks are normally more rosy, their hairstyles and colors are different, and the bodies are not as "full". These are normally worth around $20-$100, depending on their combination and outfit, in excellent-mint condition. TLC transitional dolls, like the TLC foreign dolls are worth less.

Designer Line Dolls, like the Transitional, are worth a little more than regular coleco dolls. They can range in price from around $30-$100 in excellent condition. Here are some of the Designer Line dolls that I have had in my possession:


Toddlers and Preschoolers are highly sought after. They normally go for around $20-$60 in excellent-mint condition, less if they are TLC, and more if they are still in the box.

Bean Butt Babies 
Babies (called Bean Butt Babies [BBB for short] because their rump is full of beans), also are worth around $20-$100 in excellent-mint condition, normally depending on the outfit. They tend to smell more like baby powder than other dolls, but they are known for getting pox (mold dots) on their heads, especially if they were kept in storage instead of in the same environment that we comfortably live in. The more humid the environment, the more prone to pox. 

   There are a few dolls with unique hair/eye/headmold combinations that are rare and hard to find, therefore, making them worth more. There is a lemon yellow fuzzy doll that is so rare that most collectors don't think that he is original. However, for the recent anniversary of Cabbage Patch Kids, when they manufactured the reproductions, they included a lemon fuzzy. The only sure way that anyone would know is if someone had a lemon fuzzy that they purchased originally from the store and never removed him from the box. And even then, critics could assume that the 'kid was made into a lemon fuzzy, then carefully put back in the box.

Selling Tips
July and August is the worst time to sell. People are on vacation or just busy with summer activities. October is a better time to start selling. When selling, do your research so you know what you have. If someone is looking for a particular doll and all you have is "Cabbage Patch Kid", they are going to have a hard time finding it, especially when there are thousands of CPKs listed on ebay daily. Find out what it is and describe as best as you can in the title. Use search words that people would be looking for. If it has a birth certificate, put the name and date in the title. I recently sold a Mattel CPK for $50 because the buyer had been looking for a doll with her friend's birthday, and I had the date in the title. Add a "Buy it Now" for people who don't want to wait until the auction ends. Monday through Friday (evenings) have bigger selling rates because many people are not online as much on the weekends and during the day.