Red Head

I am very excited to present to you my beautiful #3 redhead.

This is how she started out:

Her hair was cut. Other than that, she looked pretty good. She did have one small pox on her chin, but it disappeared after putting oxy 10 on her and scrubbing her with Barkeeper’s Friend.

After taking out her hair and redrilling the holes:
And here she is with long, beautiful red hair.

I learned a couple of things with this reroot. First, when dealing with pre-existing holes, it’s better to drill separate holes around them. I had some trouble with some of them being too close together, so the scalp tore between the holes.
Also, it’s very important to make sure that each hole is the same distance apart as the holes are wide. I had to drill some more holes in certain places that I had them too far apart, so she looks like she has thin or balding hair.